Inspiring the young people of the Draper and neighbouring estates through filmmaking and the performing arts.




“Draper is a shining beacon of quality and excellence” 

Councillor Catherine Rose Mayor of Southwark

“This has made my bank holiday weekend-a wonderful sense of community” 

Councillor Stephanie Cryan, Cabinet member for Housing Management and Modernisation, Southwark Council


Draper Voices is a WIP Film & Photo Documentary created by the students at the DFMA, The Draper Film & Music Academy.

More About DRAPER VOICES & The DFMA Showcase

Thanks to several grants from Southwark Council, and the priceless work from the tutors and few volunteers the DFMA has grown exponentially and is presently holding its 4th annual course. DFMA believes that the performing arts give our young people a creative and inspired way to interact and grow in a nurturing environment. DFMA is a positive and constructive answer to the dramatic and profound changes which have affected the Elephant and Castle area in the past 5 years. Through developing its skills in filmmaking, music, animation and dance, the young local population is able to develop its identity and create a new sense of community which has been posed under threat by the new regeneration. “An image can speak more than a thousand words” Our students are developing their artistic creativity with the support of professionals who every Saturday afternoon for four months, come to share their knowledge and experience with different seminars. We work together aiming to empower new generations sharing knowledge about media and the students’ own creativity. We strongly believe in creating a sense of community and we develop projects that see younger people working with more senior residents in order to record the history that has created our present.


live performance

Our Live performance of ‘ We Love Draper’ a song wrote and performed by the students of the Draper Film Academy


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